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Why is Burak Tarım different?

Since 1980, we have been working with our skilled team to blend carefully picked hazelnuts with expertise, experience and the priority we place on R&D infrastructure.


With our years of experience, we are at your disposal.


Natural and processed hazelnuts in a variety of sizes.


100% customer satisfaction with our expert team.


Fast and hygienic production with the latest model machine park

Benefits of Hazelnut Consumption
10 Health

Stay healthy by consuming a handful of hazelnuts every day.


TURKEY Among the second 500 industrial enterprises ranks 182th. !

Burak Tarım Hazelnut Factory, which has set innovation and quality as its mission with its modern machinery, has strengthened its place among the pioneers of the sector by exporting to 50 countries.

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History of the Hazelnut

The name “Hazelnut” derives from the ancient name of the Black Sea, “Pont Exinus.”
And Plinuss …

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Hazelnut in Turkey

Vitamin E is abundant in hazelnut oil. Vitamin E, well-known for its ability to boost the immune system, and red blood cells…

Fındık Fabrikası

Benefits of Hazelnuts

According to historical records, hazelnuts were first produced 2300 years ago on the Black Sea coasts of northern Turkey, and …

Hazelnut Factory, Ordu Hazelnut Factory

Our products are produced in the most dependable manner possible, utilizing cutting-edge technological methods. Physical, chemical, microbiological, and toxic substance analyses are performed in the Burak Tarım Hazelnut Factory Quality Control Laboratory, which is staffed by experienced professionals and outfitted with high technology. These analyses and quality control steps which are applied at every stage of manufacturing, from raw material acquisition to final product shipment, ensure Burak Tarm’s quality and reliability standarts. Burak Tarm Hazelnut Factory implements quality control criteria determined by ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 22000: HACCP Food Safety Management System with great care.